Tom Lane Drums



Welcome to the official website of UK session drummer Tom Lane.

Tom's drumming has taken him around the world as both a performer & educator alike. Known for playing with a variety of artists; performing, touring & delivering expert tuition is undoubtedly where Tom feels most at home.

If you're looking for info on Tom's background, his playing, the equipment he uses, or to see him in action then you're in the right place! If you'd like to work with Tom or for anything else, feel free to get in touch with him through the contact page.


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Classic Hooks 2 - Programming Sounds with the Nord Stage 2

Following the popularity of the last video the Nexus ICA staff thought it was about time they did another Classic Hooks! Keys tutor, Matt Cossey, has medleyed together 10 more tracks showing the Nord Stage 2 used in a live, band context.

Classic Hooks 3 has just been made public! Check out Matt and the band medleying 10 classic dance tracks here: